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The biggest question I am asked as an author is when did I first start writing. I began exploring the world of make-believe at the age of eight. I won't bore you with the details of how long ago that was. My dolls volunteered to be the characters in my stories. I knew nothing about genres back then so I made up stories about whatever took my fancy. At that age, they centered around fairies, princesses and monsters who lurked under my bed.

This book is my first foray into young adult fiction. The inspiration for the story came from a Christmas dinner conversation I had with my son-in-law's father. We both grew up in Sacramento, California. He lived in an unincorporated section of the city. One day a baby deer appeared and literally "adopted" them. She would knock on the door with her hoof to be let in, she slept in the kids' bedroom and would race alongside them when they rode their bikes.

Amber's Way is the story of a young girl's struggle with childhood cancer. The narrative is about courage, inner strength, and a fighting spirit. Above all, it is about the powerful bond of love between a mother and daughter.