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Amber's Way

Amber's Way is a triumphant YA novel about love, courage and hope in the face of impossible odds. This is a perfect read for fans of John Green and Jodi Picoult.





Jessica Langston's storybook romance turns to tragedy when her husband is killed in the Iraq War shortly before the birth of their daughter Amber. Despite Jessica's grief, she makes a promise that Amber will live a happy life. 

Her pledge is tested when her high-spirited daughter is diagnosed with cancer when she is four years old.  But Amber summons her warrior spirit to help fight the monster—the way she did when one lurked under her bed. After months of harrowing treatments, they hear the magical word…Remission!

Eight years later, Amber is happily on the verge of adolescence when she is told her cancer has returned, and they are thrust back into the nightmare. In spite of this cruel twist of fate, Amber vows she will live her life to the fullest, and they move to the historic town of Placerville, California, at the foot of the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Here, in her favorite place, Amber befriends an orphaned deer she names Jane Doe and meets Nathan, a cute musician. Will she experience her first kiss?  Whatever happens, Amber is determined that her life will play out her way.



Praise for Amber's Way

"A poignant story of the love between a mother and daughter, Amber's Way is written with tenderness, promise, and hope. Reader's who have battled an illness or lost a loved one will resonate with the cast of endearing characters."


Alice J. Wisler

Award-winning author of Rain Song and Life at Daniel's Place



"What an amazing and touching story. It captures the essence of a brave little girl and all of the family and friends that surrounded her. Instead of sadness I felt the author captured the beauty of life and how one young child could capture the hearts of so many. A must-read."


Patricia Tallungan

President, Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation, Bloomingdale IL


"My heart was captivated by the delightful personalities and relationships in Amber's Way. This remarkable work by author Gloria Gallloway had me laughing and then crying as the story portrays the cancer journey of a courageus young girl whose indominatable spirit is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. Unforgettable and highly recommended."


Lana McAra

Award-winning author of Shaken but Not Stirred



"Amber's Way is an achingly beautiful story. The profound bond between mother and daughter is palpable. Readers will love the whimsy that Jane Doe brings to the tale. The author's storytelling had me crying, then laughing and wanting to hold my loved ones tight."


Jessica Nobriga

Senior Advisor with Better Place Forests



"Amber's Way had me experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, from laughter to tears, unfolding the poignant tale of a brave young girl navigating the challenges of cancer. The author did a superb job, and it is readily apparent she did her homework. This wonderful book has my wholehearted recommendation."


Dee Walters

Author of Healing the Broken Heart